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vhf power divider

If you wish to either add an amplifier to your existing system or upgrade the one you have, a vhf power divider can be the solution you've been seeking for. It is the best tool for designing high-power broadband power amplifiers, and you can use it to split and combine signals in your home, business, or any other location.


Broadband power combiner/divider

Broadband power combiners and dividers are perfect for feeding antenna arrays and combining solid-state amplifiers because of the high bandwidths required for RF applications. Nonetheless, adequate isolation qualities are required to be present at both the input and output ports of the device. In addition to this, they need to reduce the magnitude and phase mismatches as much as possible. An new broadband power combiner and rf divider is discussed in this article. This device features high transmission coefficients, low reflection coefficients, and good phase balancing. This divider/combiner can accommodate power levels of up to 10 kW peak and can be used in frequency ranges ranging from 70 MHz all the way up to 1000 MHz.

On a printed circuit board (PCB) employing RF35, the broadband power combiner/divider was built. In order to change the impedance of the input and output ports, two impedance transformers with a ratio of 1:4 were utilized. Electrical connections were made between the output signals from the impedance transformers and each of the four impedance lines as well as the divider/combiner device.

An experiment to test the feasibility of the concept was carried out using a matching frequency of 0.8/1.2. In order to validate the power combiner/divider, S-parameter measurements were carried out inside of a four-port network analyzer.

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