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uhf vhf antenna splitter

Boaters who have more than one VHF or UHF radio will find a UHF VHF Antenna Splitter to be a very helpful piece of equipment. The primary objective of this kind of electronic equipment is to extend the coverage area of the signal that you are able to receive. Avoiding interference from other transmissions is another benefit gained by using a splitter. You are not permitted to place more than one antenna within a radius of two meters of each other.


AIS/VHF antennas cannot be within 2m of each other

In order to make use of both your VHF radio and your AIS transponder, you will need to have a separate antenna that is devoted to VHF and AIS communications. It is recommended that you install the antenna at a height that is significantly higher than your deck. This provides you with a clearer view of the signals.

It is recommended that you keep at least two meters of distance between the two antennas in order to achieve the best possible performance. It is significantly less likely that a single problem will render both the radio and the AIS inoperable.

Ensure that you obtain the MMSI number from the vessel license before beginning the installation of the VHF/AIS unit. You are going to require it for the DSC.

Approximately eight feet is the length of the conventional VHF masthead antenna. It has a vertical element and a downlead that is half the wavelength. This antenna has a higher gain than a shorter masthead antenna and is typically installed on the stern rail.

You need to make use of a high-quality cable with a marine grade and 50 ohms. It is important to check that the coax is not oxidized and that it is straight. It is imperative that you order the appropriate length dependant on the length of the antenna.

It is essential to perform a signal test in advance of fixing the antenna. Your receiver will experience problems as a result of a poor signal, which may also render the warranty null and void.

A plug for an AIS/vhf antenna splitter will be designated PL259, and it needs to be tightened in the clockwise direction. On the AIS/VHF cable, you should also make sure that the auxiliary VHF port, which is designated SPLITTER, is secure.

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