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three way power splitter

If you want to keep your energy costs as low as possible, one of the finest things you can do is split the power in your home or workplace using a device called a three way power splitter. However, there are a few things you ought to be aware of before you put money into one.


Agilent 11850C

Even though it costs a little bit more than the typical dot-com, the Agilent 11850C is an excellent piece of equipment to have in your already overcrowded laboratory. In addition to that, it is a power splitter 3 way with a 50-ohm resistance and it comes in a number of different colors, such as blue, red, and black. The fact that the device can be assembled with a minimum of fuss is perhaps one of its most appealing qualities. Its widespread availability is a significant asset to any research facility that maintains a sizable supply.

The company's exceptional warranty and service program is the driving force behind its success. You can rely on the staff at Test Equipment Center to stand by your side at all times. Test Equipment Center is the place to contact if you need assistance with anything, whether you are looking for an Agilent 11850C or a full service test and measurement laboratory.

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