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Three way power divider

Choosing a 3 way power splitter is a significant decision, and it can be challenging to make the best choice. When searching for a three way power divider, it is important to read reviews and consider the following: the amount of power each power divider can handle, the type of power it can handle, and whether or not it is designed for a single, dual, or dual-channel power distribution system. Thus, you can select the appropriate divider for your purposes.



There are numerous types of wideband power dividers available. The majority of them have utilized quarter-wave transmission lines. However, designing a compact power divider is challenging.

To tackle this issue, Shunt-stubs, an artificial transmission line, are used in order to design a compact power divider. It is also capable of wideband generation, has superior performance, and is far less expensive than quarter-wave transmission lines.

To evaluate the performance of the suggested circuit, a prototype is constructed. The simulated output return loss exceeds -20 dB across the entire operating bandwidth. It is also greater than 0.3 dB at the input, and the insertion loss is around -3 dB across the operating spectrum. These outcomes correspond closely with the measured data.

In addition, CST Microwave Studio and ADS/Schematic were used to verify the proposed circuit. These results demonstrate that the circuit has excellent performance within the ultra-wideband range of 3.1-10.6 GHz.

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