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You need to use a power divider to divide your electrical power among several locations. Power divider of various kinds, such as dual band, X-Band, and LC-ladder dividers, can be used for this purpose.


X-Band power divider

Power dividers are used for transmitting high power signals. The band is restricted for military and government use. These frequencies are used for broadband connections and transmitting high power in adverse conditions. The frequency band is also advantageous for small antenna usage.

Power dividers are used for a variety of applications, including intermodulation-distortion measurements. They also perform as a power combiner. A power divider splitter is a passive microwave device that divides an input signal into several output signals. The output frequency is usually phase-shifted.

The most important specification of a power combiner is the isolation between input ports. The isolation is often measured in decibels. The isolation is usually better than 30 dB. However, the ideal power divider must be lossless. It must also match at all ports.

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Microstrip filters can suppress the desired frequency band

The selectivity of microstrip filters can be raised and unwanted harmonics can be suppressed using LC circuit modification. Using this modification, microstrip filtering dividers can be made smaller while performing better.

This method results in a divider with a very low input return loss and good output port isolation. It uses frequencies in the range of 0.7 to 0.95 GHz. At a bandwidth of 250 MHz, the insertion loss is reduced to 0.3 dB minimum. 22 dB is the output return loss.

The GSM signal's fundamental frequency range just like Signal Filter is in the range of 900 MHz. It must only slightly attenuate as it passes through the filter. Inductances and series resonance circuits are used to achieve this.

The PIN-diode capacitances in the switching means are used to create the resonance circuits. The resonance frequency of the series resonance circuits is changed by the inductances. Setting the quality factors accomplishes this.

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