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helical duplexer

The field of telecommunications makes use of a device called a helical duplexer. They come in a wide variety of forms and are utilized for the transmission of data, sound, and video. Additionally, they are available. When purchasing one, it is essential to make certain that you purchase a high-quality unit.


Transmit band reject unit

An interesting piece of repeater electronics is referred to as a helical duplexer filter transmit band reject unit. The design compromises isolation for the sake of a more compact form factor. A CPARC outpost from the previous month likely has one of these units.

In point of fact, a gadget of this kind can be found in a wide variety of different applications. Analog filters and solid-state electronics are only two examples of the many different physical manifestations that it might take. Even lumped element filters and piezoelectricity are utilized by some of them.

The "Reject High" filter is one illustration of this type of example. The name gives the impression that this will deliver satisfactory results when used in conjunction with the 2m band. On the other hand, this is impossible to achieve without the use of resonant length cavities.

On the other hand, the "Reject Low" filter might be a preferable option given the circumstances of the situation. This filter arranges resonant and anti-resonant modes in such a way as to create a response that is more abrupt in the 600kHz frequency range.

In a similar vein, the notch of the "Reject High" filter probably extends lower than what is depicted. Fortunately, in addition to a capacitor, you can also create this kind of device with an inductor.

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