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Directional coupler 10db

directional coupler is essentially a passive device that transfers a specified amount of electromagnetic power from a transmission line to a port. This energy is then available for use in another circuit.



Utilizing the proper waveguide type can make or break a directional coupler. They are utilized in numerous applications, such as millimeter systems, micro-wave radios, and radars. These devices are available with either two or several holes. In the latter situation, the most obvious question is, "What is the proper number of holes?"

Particularly, a multi-hole coupler may have the best of all possible worlds, combining the low loss of a single-hole directional coupler with the broad bandwidth and high power handling capacity of a double-hole configuration. The two-hole layout is employed in the majority of applications. In some instances, the greater the number of holes, the better, particularly when radar or microwave systems are involved.

The system's first hole is a directional one. In this instance, the hole serves as an antenna slot. Wave energy travels through the perforations to the secondary waveguide after being transferred from port one to port two of the main waveguide. Port three is connected with a piece of the wave.

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