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Choosing a coaxial load can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the various types. There are, among other things, filters, impedance matchers, hybrid couplers, attenuators, and configurations. Continue reading to find out more.


Reliability from DC to 50 GHz

HUBER+SUHNER is the king of the coaxial connector like rf coaxial connectors kingdom with a plethora of standard and custom connectors for all of your high frequency needs. The CC2450-MM-150 series of 50 GHz low loss RF cable assemblies are a good example of this. They feature three levels of shielding along with corrosion resistant 2.4 mm 303 stainless steel connectors.

It's no secret that the HUBER+SUHNER company has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing a broad array of connectors for a myriad of applications. Aside from its standard and custom coaxial connectors, they also offer customer-specific solutions.

Why choose Hefei Topwave coaxial load?

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Coaxial connectors are commonly used with RF attenuators. They reduce the power of an RF signal without causing signal distortion or VSWR. They safeguard a measuring device and can be used to test radio frequency devices.

Attenuators can be manufactured in numerous forms and styles. They are available with either a coaxial port or a planar transmission line port. Additionally, they can be fabricated with an internal precision resistor network.

The majority of attenuators on the market are fixed, but variable attenuators are also available. In most instances, a variable attenuator can be used in a fixed application, but it is essential to ensure that the attenuator has adequate power capacity.


Various types of filters accept or reject signals at a given frequency. There are four basic types. The first type is a low pass filter, which allows a frequency below a certain frequency to pass. The second type is a band pass filter, which allows a frequency between two frequencies to pass. The third type is a high pass filter, which allows a frequency above a certain frequency to pass. These filters may have a variety of different components. They may include diplexers, frequency tunable components, or other types of filters.

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