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Broadband directional coupler

Utilizing a broadband directional coupler is an excellent approach to improve the efficiency of your communications system. A directional coupler is a device that permits the transmission of a signal in one direction, while a receiver transmits the signal in the other direction. By employing a coupler, you can transmit a signal with a strong signal and minimal signal loss.


Circulators and isolators are useful devices

Isolators and circulators are two of the most significant components utilized in broadband directional couplers. These devices function as a circular traffic circle for RF energy, permitting the signal to go in one direction while attenuating the flow in the other direction. They are utilized in hundreds of megahertz to tens of gigahertz applications.

Isolators are typically two-port devices. The first port serves as an input, while the second serves as an output. The RF signal from port A will be sent to port B, but not port C. The loss is little.

A circulator is a device with three ports that links an antenna to a transmitter. The transmitting port on the circulator can be any port. The third port has a termination resistor attached to it. Fourth port is an internal port.

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Krytar directional coupler directivity

Utilizing a Krytar directional coupler for broadband applications is an efficient solution for a range of uses. This type of microwave test equipment offers a high degree of directivity and amplitude flatness throughout a broad frequency range.

Three variants from Krytar deliver a maximum input power of up to 3 kW peak. Each of the three models has a maximum VSWR of 1.45. They are supplied with 2.4 mm SMA Female connectors, the industry standard.

Krytar directional couplers operate between 0.5 and 110 GHz and provide at least 10 dB of directivity. Ideal for signal monitoring, antenna beam formation, and cable-distributed systems. These microwave components are very useful in testing facilities for the military.

Krytar has devised a unique, multi-purpose stripline design. This newly designed directional coupler is small and lightweight. Additionally, it has a low insertion loss. The 152620 model features a nominal coupling of 20 dB and an insertion loss of less than 1.35 dB.

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