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Wilkinson Power Splitter

The Wilkinson Power Splitter is just what you need, whether you need a splitter for just one line or for multiple lines. It is a small, high-quality power splitter for audio/video equipment of any kind. It works great in both the home and the workplace.


Excess insertion loss

It is possible to combine the power of two input ports into two output ports by using a Wilkinson power splitter. Many RF communication systems, like antenna array feed circuits and microwave power amplifiers, can benefit from this. Wilkinson power splitters, on the other hand, have some drawbacks. Parasitic effects, which can be harmful to RF systems, are one limitation.

A Wilkinson power divider has two quarter wave branches that are balanced and use disengagement protection from guarantee equivalent power proportions between yield ports. Additionally, isolation over a particular frequency band is achieved by employing parallel quarter wave transformers. However, Wilkinson power splitters can exhibit parasitic effects, particularly when used in a planar configuration. Fortunately, Knowles Precision Devices has improved the Wilkinson power splitter design procedure.

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Performance in the whole frequency band

In microwave circuits and applications, rf power divider are crucial. They are utilized to control the abundancy, power and sidelobe level of the sign. The Wilkinson power divider is a common type of power divider. There are a few distinctive features that distinguish this kind of power divider from others.

In radio frequency circuits, Wilkinson power dividers are frequently utilized. It can be used to divide the signal into two output signals with the same phase. A number of passive parts make up the power divider. Transmission lines with a quarter-wave pattern, isolation resistors, and quarter-wave transformers are examples of these.

In every frequency range, Wilkinson power dividers perform well. However, it is constrained in some ways. A low frequency range, high insertion loss, and return loss are some of the limitations. A novel hybrid method has been proposed as a means of overcoming these limitations. The Wilkinson power divider performs better as a result of this method.

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