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VHF UHF Tapper

You should be sure to take into account some of the crucial factors when making the decision, regardless of whether you intend to install a new VHF UHF system or are just looking for the best VHF UHF Tapper for your existing installation. Fortunately, you can find a ton of useful information online to guide you in making the best decision.


Topwave Telecom

The Topwave Telecom VHF UHF Tapper is a superior option for your cellular DAS network among the many varieties of VHF UHF Directional Couplers available on the market. The 136-174MHz and 350-520MHz bands are intended for use with this kind of directional coupler. It can manage 200 watts of power and has a low insertion loss. Furthermore, it has a low VSWR, which aids in minimizing power loss.

The Topwave Telecom VHF UHF Tapper has a small footprint and can be mounted in various locations. In a range of wireless communications applications, it is made to provide excellent performance and low insertion loss.

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