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VHF Hybrid Coupler

A VHF hybrid coupler and UHF Hybrid Coupler can help you achieve the desired power, directivity, and isolation between the input and output ports whether you are using a VHF or UHF transmitter. This is crucial if you need to protect the signal from a lot of interference while transmitting a lot of data.


High directivity

A ground composed architecture was suggested in light of the VHF radar system's requirement for a high directivity directional coupler. Comparing this structure to the more traditional one reveals several benefits. It has a number of benefits, including a compact design with better directivity.

The active components of this structure are periodic metallic cylinders in a reentrant mode. Additionally, passive components are used to create a small design. It also shows what a tunable high directivity coupler is capable of.

Additionally, at 298 MHz, it can achieve directivity of 62 dB. Given that the typical directional coupler like RF Hybrid Couplers has a directivity of about 20 dB, this is remarkable.

On a dielectric substrate, the directional coupler has been constructed. This enables it to be resistant to variations in loading circumstances.

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Available connectors

There are a few connectors to pick from depending on the VHF Hybrid Coupler you need. SMA, N, and TNC connectors are among the most widely used connectors. Applications in the DC to 35 GHz range use SMA connectors. They can be expanded to 40 GHz as well. N and TNC connectors work well for 380 MHz to 2700 MHz applications. For applications requiring higher frequency ranges, other connectors are available.

A ceramic 2.2nF capacitor and a 3.3kohm serial resistor are the components of a passive device called a directional coupler. Low through loss is produced by this combination. Additionally, SWR protection is possible. A directional coupler can also be utilized with an outside detector.

A directional coupler that uses a three-layer stripline construction is known as a 90-degree hybrid. High isolation between ports is ensured by this design. Applications for this configuration range widely, including signal and power signal combining.

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