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VHF Hybrid Combiner

Whether you're hoping to update your ongoing VHF Hybrid Combiner or get another one, there are a few things you ought to search for. These include whether the combo will function for you, its range, and whether it will work with your radio.



The advanced digital signaling technology and superior RF Combiner performance of Jotron's 7000 series VHF Multimode Digital Radios in congested areas make them ideal for professional GtA applications. These digitally controlled radios are the best option for professional GtA applications because they don't compromise on synthesizers. High-efficiency amplifiers and a powerful digital signal processor are featured in Jotron 7000 series radios. Additionally, they offer remote control via SNMP v.2 over UDP and collocation capabilities.

The linear power amplifier design of the 7000 series delivers excellent RF performance in congested areas. The most powerful digital signal processors in the industry are used in the transmitters and receivers. Separate transmitter and receiver modules can be controlled via serial RS232 or RS485 ports on Jotron radios. Standard SNMP management applications can also be used to control Jotron radios. All regulation undertakings are taken care of by the transmission processor, which permits the radios to be controlled easily. The high MTBF and AM and FM modulation of Jotron's 7000 series VHF multimode digital radios ensure unparalleled RF performance in challenging electromagnetic environments.

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