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VHF Filter

The signal strength of your antenna can be improved by including a VHF filter and vhf power splitter in the design. But the design procedure can be a little challenging. Particularly when it comes to striking a balance between performance and antenna size. Fortunately, there are a few pointers that can assist you in picking the ideal design.


Low band

A low band VHF filter improves communication systems by lowering harmonics and noise. Radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, and two-way mobile radio systems for land vehicles all use the VHF band. It operates between 30MHz and 300MHz in frequency. Air traffic control communications also make use of it.

The VHF band and antena yagi vhf is the one with the least interference from the atmosphere. However, inductive and capacitive coupling have the potential to deteriorate it. In particular, the upper 700 MHz band exhibits this.

Amateur radios also operate on the VHF band. However, this kind of filter is also utilized in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) transceivers, FM transmitters, and air traffic control communications. It typically consists of LC parts.

For both amateur and non-amateur frequencies, bandpass filters are available. The cut-off frequency points' positions can be used to modify the pass band's width.

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Capacitive coupling causes VHF filters and RF Filter to degrade, which is one of their main issues. The filter's placement on top of something is the cause of this. Circular polarization was created by directional couplers in earlier systems. At lower frequencies, this method must be expensive and challenging to use. Additionally, the filters' size is prohibitive.

Utilizing a novel coupling structure is one approach to solving this issue. By substituting a capacitive reactance for the 90-degree divider in this design, a high apparent Q device is produced. The reactance is minimal, so a compact structure can accommodate it.

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