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UHF Hybrid Coupler

A great way to improve the performance of your RF system is to use a UHF Hybrid Coupler. A directional coupler and a power divider are both part of the hybrid design. Both of these features are very good at keeping the signal level and reducing interference. However, using this kind of coupler has some drawbacks.


Common applications

Hybrid Coupler is typically a passive device with two cross-over transmission lines. It is utilized in situations where power and frequency must be split or monitored. In particular, VHF and UHF applications rely on it. A wide range of commercial and military applications have utilized hybrids.

A crossover coupler can be manufactured from a wide assortment of materials. It can be made, for instance, from thin copper boards. Polyimide film can also be used to build it, and an inkjet print on a flexible substrate is another option. The latter is regarded as high-level miniaturization.

Passive devices that distribute power evenly between ports are hybrid couplers. In microwave applications, they are frequently used as power dividers or combiners. They can also be used in antenna beam-forming networks and power amplifiers.

In both HF and VHF applications, hybrid couplers play a crucial role. They are used in in-building distribution systems or to split signals from tower-top amplifiers. They can also be used to combine two antennas and provide excellent isolation between receivers.

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