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Termination Load 200w

The choice of a Termination Load 200w for your RF application is a very crucial step in figuring out how effective your radio system will be. Not only will the appropriate termination load for your application assist in the maximization of your RF signal, but it will also assist in the protection of your system from potentially damaging electromagnetic radiation.


RF Terminations Dummy Loads

Aspects of RF Termination Load Dummy are a sort of equipment that are utilized for the purpose of absorbing and dissipating radio frequency (RF) energy. Applications utilizing UMTS, WIFI, DMA, and WIMAX are typical users of these antennas. They are available in 2.4mm, 2.92mm, and SMP configurations, and they are adaptable for usage in both N and SMA connections. In addition, the SMP configuration is also available.

A dummy load is a type of electrical load that is used in radio frequency (RF) systems to simulate an antenna. Any to prevent damage to the radio transmitter or to test a backup generator, it can be used in either of these capacities. Additionally, amplifiers are tested with their help. They serve as an alternative to an antenna and make it possible to conduct tests at very high power levels without subjecting the transmitter to interference. Amplifiers and other types of RF equipment are put through their paces with the help of dummy loads during the testing process.

An excellent illustration of an rf termination 50 ohm Dummy is provided by the RTS match series coaxial load. The coaxial load being discussed here has an average power of 200W and is made to take in RF energy. It has a temperature range of -55 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius, a peak power of 10 kW, and a working frequency bandwidth of 200 kHz. In addition to that, the load was developed to have a low Standing Wave Coefficient and excellent Anti-pulse performance. Its dimensions are 245mm x 98mm x 60mm. It is constructed out of stainless steel, brass, aluminum that has been finned, and nickel plating.

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