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RF Systems Antenna

RF Systems Antenna are used in a variety of applications. They can collect data from a wireless sensor network or provide a variety of communication options. You can also use them to perform a variety of other functions such as signal detection, temperature measurement, and even light control.


Receive patch antenna 222

RF Systems enable the implementation of high frequency RF systems in a single ball grid array (BGA) package. This package can be used to build high gain dual-band rectangular microstrip patch antennas with square slots for harmonic suppression, radio frequency energy harvesting, and rectifier circuits. Other patch Omni Antenna, however, may also be used. Alternatively, a Yagi-Uda antenna could be used instead.

A high frequency RF system is implemented in a ball grid array package, such as the schematic cross section shown in FIG. 2. This package can be built with Rogers 3003 series PCB material. As the bottom layer of the circuit board 424, the package may be implemented with a copper ground layer 414. A ground wall 314 can be built with a series of grounded solder balls. A single vertical probe 313 runs along the package's top and connects to a first patch antenna 211.

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