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RF Power Tapper

A high-speed power tapper is an essential tool when building a new home or maintaining an existing one. The Champion Cutting Tool Brute Platinum XLT is a RF Power Tapper that can tap holes 10 times faster than a handheld tap. It's ideal for steel fabrication and elevator upkeep.


High-speed taps

High-speed taps aided in the transformation of many industries during the Industrial Revolution. They have aided the development of great craftsmen and craftswomen. They have also contributed to the improvement of metal fabrication as a process.

When choosing taps for your Power Tapper, you have three options: machine grade, medium grade, and high performance. Each grade provides a varying level of quality and performance.

Machine grade taps provide the highest level of performance and accuracy. These taps have precision tolerances and can run at high machine speeds. They are, however, more expensive. If cost is a consideration, medium grade taps may be preferable. Jobber warehouse-type stores frequently stock medium grade taps. They are of good quality, but not as sharp as machine grade taps.

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