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RF Hybrid Couplers

The RF Hybrid Couplers are a type of device that is used to match output impedance and isolate a wireless device's input and output ports. Couplers of this type include Directional, Ring, and Matching couplers. These couplers can be found in a wide range of applications, including antennas, transceivers, and wireless access points.


Directional couplers

RF Hybrids are devices that combine two wireless carriers operating in the same frequency band. They are used in a variety of applications, including in-building and instrumentation. They are also used for electronic countermeasures and a variety of other purposes.

A Directional Coupler is an RF component used to monitor the power levels of a signal. They are frequently used to sample input power and then direct a portion of it to other parts of the system. They are typically implemented as a single element, but they can also be implemented as a group of elements. They can be implemented as stripline, solder pins, or in other ways.

A four-port directional coupler is common. The ports are labeled Input (Port 1), Coupled (Port 2), Isolated (Port 3) and Output (Port 4). (Port4). Each port samples a portion of the input power. Some ports are designed to handle higher power levels, while others are designed to handle lower power levels.

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