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RF Hybrid Combiner

RF Hybrid Combiner are an excellent solution for multi-channel and high-definition TV broadcasting. These systems combine the benefits of precoder and combiner technologies to produce high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective broadcast signals.


Precoder and combiner

The process of creating an optimal combining scheme is known as RF Combiner hybrid design. The design seeks to minimize MSE (mean squared error) between information symbol estimates. This is accomplished by employing the MMSE cost function.

The MMSE combining scheme is an alternating optimization problem with a convex solution. Its computation complexity is the same as that of traditional schemes. The combining matrix is a nonzero-row block-sparse matrix. Without a constant amplitude restriction, the matrix is updated to reduce MSE. To obtain the same result, the RF combiner can be changed.

To optimize the combining strategy, a hybrid precoding approach is adopted. This approach outperforms a full RF-chain precoding scheme in terms of performance. To introduce negative signals, the technique additionally employs RF inverters. It is a promising middle-ground technology. It can avoid the significant costs and power consumption associated with a comprehensive RF-chain precoding system.

Each user can achieve interference-free transmission using the suggested hybrid precoding/combining approach. Beamforming in mmWave systems is made possible by this combination. Cross-stream interference is handled by the precoder and combiner. 

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