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RF Dummy Load

RF Dummy Load is a necessity, regardless of whether you are a professional technician or an enthusiast of amateur radio. Your RF equipment will not be damaged if you have the appropriate dummy load. Dummy loads come in many different varieties on the market. You are certain to locate what you require, regardless of whether you are looking for a dry dummy load, an MFJ dummy load, or an RF Termination dummy load.


MFJ Dry Dummy Loads

The MFJ Dry Dummy Loads 200w series of dummy loads is made to deliver 35W of continuous power for ten minutes at a maximum of Dummy load 200w for five seconds. They can be threaded through a flange or mounted on a flat flange and measure 1.3 inches by 4.75 inches by 1.5 inches. They have a built-in male connector and are cooled by air. Additionally available are the MFJ-4117, MFJ-989D, and MFJ-986 antenna tuners.

The "Differential T" Rotary-L tuning design, X-needle peak reading metering, and a maximum RF power rating of 3 kW distinguish the MFJ-989D antenna tuner. A MFJ-4117 mixer and a 300W peak dummy load are also included. Antennas fed by balanced line or coax can both be tuned by this dummy load. It has a 54" telescopic whip antenna, a gain control on the front panel, and an attenuator of 20 dB. It covers 40 MHz and up. Either the MFJ-989D on its own or as part of the MFJ-986 can be purchased.

The MFJ-1798 antenna has a 10-band vertical antenna and stands 6 meters (20 feet) tall. An 80/40/20m vertical and half-wave 80m2m versions are also available. Smaller versions of the vertical antenna, the MFJ-1792 and MFJ-1793, are also available.

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