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RF Coaxial Attenuator

An RF Coaxial Attenuator is a device that can aid in signal quality improvement. Attenuators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Variable, fixed, and switched attenuators are examples.


Amphenol SV Microwave

For over 60 years, SV Microwave has been producing high-quality coaxial attenuator. As part of Amphenol Military and Aerospace Operations, the division can offer military and aerospace customers cost-effective, localized support. Its precision high-speed RF/Coaxial PCB connectors are ideal for mil-aero applications. SV Microwave has also long been a pioneer in testing and advanced testing for space applications.

SV Microwave manufactures a wide range of signal processing components and custom-designed products as part of the same division. Among its most well-known products are its newest VITA 67 interconnects, which provide an impressive high-density solution for embedded computing applications. It's no surprise that it's the world's largest RF component manufacturer, given its impressive product portfolio.

SV Microwave is one of the most dependable names in the RF component industry, with an exemplary track record and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. The company also produces cable assemblies, connectors, and other small parts for military and aerospace applications.

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