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Low PIM Directional Coupler

There are several Low PIM Directional Coupler on the market. The C-20-CPUSE-D-AI6 from COMMSCOPE and the PE2CP1062 from Pasternack are two of the most popular. These couplers provide 20 dB of directional output and are IP65 rated.


PE2CP1062 from Pasternack

A Low PIM Directional Coupler may be the solution for you if you want to boost your cellular signal strength, increase data throughput, or get a leg up on the competition. They can process signals from both cellular and microwave frequencies. Fortunately, they are reasonably priced and can be ordered from the comfort of your workplace. Furthermore, the PE2CP1062 can be ordered on the same day as the rest of your RF components.

It's not all about expensive parts, though; the Pasternack catalog contains some slick solutions. A Low PIM Directional Coupler is an essential component of any radio or microwave system. They are capable of increasing data throughput and lowering EMI without breaking the bank. Furthermore, they are rated to withstand frequencies ranging from 617 to 5925 MHz. The Pasternack catalog contains over 40,000 RF components, including the PE2CP1062.

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