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Hybrid Combiner 4x4

A hybrid coupler of the type known as a Hybrid Combiner 4x4 can be used to join two 4x4s into a single vehicle. There are numerous hybrid combination products available, including the Waveform 4x4 N-Female and the RFS CDS-Hybrid-E series. Both of these products are very effective and have won the praise of many customers.


Waveform 4x4 N-Female Hybrid Coupler

The Waveform 4x4 N-Female Hybrid Coupler is a 50 ohm, low PIM, low VSWR coupler that operates over a broad frequency range from 698 to 2700 MHz. It has three years of warranty and N-Female connectors. It is filtered through a zero-phase filter between 0.5 and 2 Hz in order to assess its performance. Following bandpass filtering, it undergoes Hilbert transformation before the synchronization index is determined. This gives the user the ability to compute the amplitude, time-varying power series, and cross-frequency coupling.

The waveform's amplitude is adjusted to the channel's median mean absolute amplitude. It has a slope of at least 0.1 and a duration of 20 to 80 ms. The amplitude, phase, and instantaneous phase are calculated using this waveform. The envelope of the slower oscillations (thL) and the higher frequency activity (thH) are also calculated using the synchronization index. The SNR is then calculated. The assumed SNR is always 10 dB.

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