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Firstnet Filter

Utilizing a Firstnet Filter will allow you to access the entire spectrum of the FirstNet network. AT&T has begun implementing a plan to grant FirstNet(r) users access to all AT&T network bands.


AT&T's strategy to give FirstNet(r) users access to all bands on the AT&T network

During public situations, it is crucial that first responders communicate quickly. Commercial networks are not designed to support this level of public use. This can result in overloaded and unavailable wireless networks.

FirstNet was created to solve this issue. It is a network devoted to public safety on a national scale. Its purpose is to provide priority access to vital information and resources for first responders. It also allows preemption, which means that during an emergency, first responders have priority over conventional cell phone users.

FirstNet's coverage now extends to practically every community in the United States. It has the highest number of first responders of any communication network. Its technology provides secure communications and rapid preemption. It is also utilized by private mail carriers and long-distance train carriers.

FirstNet is a public-private partnership that collaborates with the government to construct and operate a countrywide broadband network for public-safety users. Since 2012, it has been operational and has more than 3.7 million connections. It is an independent authority inside the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the US Department of Commerce.

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