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Dummy load 50w

A radio or television transmitter is frequently tested with RF Dummy Load to make sure it is providing the right signal. A 50-watt dummy load is among the most popular of the several wattage levels available for them.


Common uses

Dummy loads replace the antennas and act as a shield for the transmitter during radio transmitter testing. The dummy load absorbs the transmitter's output power, enabling precise tuning of the transmitter. Additionally, it stops QRM from obstructing other radio transmissions.

Back-to-back resistors and general purpose PCBs can be used to build a dummy load. It's crucial to check that the dummy load's and antenna's impedances are the same. Additionally, the dummy load's power rating needs to be comparable to that of the antenna.

Dummy loads are often constructed using aluminum oxide ceramic resistors. These resistors come in thick-film or wire-wound varieties. Measureable distortion is provided by the thick-film resistors.

The resistor size used to construct a fake load must coincide with the antenna's impedance. Depending on the dummy load's power rating, the resistor size may change. 60 watts can often be handled by three to five watt resistors. Higher frequency constructions, however, necessitate additional consideration for the resistors.

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