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Dummy load 250w

A dummy load can be useful whether you're testing out potential antenna purchases or just hoping to squeeze a little more power out of your current setup. Having one Dummy load 250w can be very useful, especially if your antenna is on the shorter side.


Antenna dummy load 250w

In today's wired world, a dummy antenna is a necessity unless you can afford to lose several hundred dollars on a top-of-the-line model. The problem can be solved affordably and elegantly with the help of the MFJ-250 Wet Dummy Load. Installation and operation of the aforementioned dummy load are child's play, and it is constructed from components that are both high-quality and sturdy enough to last for years. The aforementioned storage unit comes in a range of dimensions to accommodate a variety of locations and budgets. This RF Dummy Load is equipped with a regular SO-239 plug. There is also a version of the device with a lower profile, making it look and feel right at home in today's fashionable mobile and portable gadgets.

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