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Dual Directional Coupler

There are various types of directional couplers that you can choose from depending on whether you need a new antenna for your home like Omni Antenna or a new antenna for a new structure. Narrow band and wireless band directional couplers are available, as well as waveguide couplers that can be used with coaxial cables.


Coupling factor

A directional coupler's coupling factor is typically expressed in decibels (dB). A Directional Coupler, for instance, with a coupling factor of 30 dB, couples about 0.1% of the power passing through it to the coupled port.

A port, an output port, and a coupling conductor make up a directional coupler. The center conductor of the pair of connectors is connected to the coupling conductor. The coupled line impedance can be changed by adjusting the coupling conductor. Directivity can also be increased by adjusting the inner conductor.

For sampling RF energy, a directional coupler may be employed. It is a reliable method of taking a brief microwave power sample. In addition, directional couplers are helpful for sampling the output signal's reflected portion.

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Issues with a directional coupler

In RF systems, directional couplers are crucial. They enable numerous applications and offer high signal port isolation. Passive directional couplers sample very small amounts of microwave power. They can be implemented in waveguide, coax, microstrip, or stripline.

The multi-hole coupler in a waveguide is one of the most popular designs of forward coupler. This kind is employed to transmit energy along a transmission line. How much power is emitted and escapes will depend on the quantity of holes and their spacing.

The Bethe-hole waveguide coupler is another well-liked kind of forward coupler. One hole is used to sample forward waves in this design, and a second hole is used to sample reverse waves. The forward power is increased by the amount of leakage power coming from both holes.

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