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Directional Coupler 50dB

You can make your wireless device transmit and receive signals in the frequency range of 600 MHz to 2700 MHz by using a Microlab CK-50N Directional Coupler 50dB. These directional couplers are intended for use in cellular phones and other devices where two transmitters are required. They are N-type and provide excellent performance and efficiency.


Circulators and isolators are examples of directional couplers

The rf coupler is an important component of RF circuits. They allow a radio to detect the amount of power it receives or transmits. There are various types of directional couplers. Circulators and isolators are examples of these.

A circulator is a three-port device that regulates the flow of signals in a circuit. This device isolates a signal from a sensitive signal source. A dB ratio is used to measure isolation. This ratio is determined by the VSWR of the circulator's ports. If the input signal and the terminating port are completely mismatched, power will be reflected back to the source.

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