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Directional Coupler

There are a number of options available to you if you want to add some extra power to your wireless network or simply switch between a variety of different devices. The Directional Coupler 5dB, which has many advantages over other wireless adapters, is one of the more popular options.


Shenzhen Hilinks Technology Co.,Ltd

A device that separates a signal from one source to another is an rf directional coupler. In radio technology, they are used to balance RF power in distributed antenna systems. They are typically made up of two connected transmission lines. They are generally utilized at microwave frequencies and are suited for applications requiring little part-to-part fluctuation.

The RFS CDSE series of Directional Couplers is intended for use in wireless networks and is available in a variety of frequencies ranging from 555 to 6000 MHz. They are suited for applications requiring low through loss and up to 200 watts of power handling. They are specifically designed for RADIAFLEX radiating wires and are meant to minimize reflections. They couple off a specific fraction of the RF signal, ranging from 5 to 30 dB depending on the type.

Shenzhen Hilinks Technology Co.,Ltd also specializes in rf combiners, rf filters, rf duplexers, and cavity power divider/splitters in addition to RF Directional Couplers. They also have a significant presence in China and India, where they serve a big consumer base. They are a Trade India verified merchant who provides high-quality items.

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