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DAS Splitter

A DAS Splitter is an essential piece of equipment, particularly if you want to utilize it with a home audio system. It enables you to send the signal to many speakers or divide it for your stereo. Additionally, it may be used to connect several headphones.


Active vs passive

The primary distinction between passive and active DAS Antenna systems is that passive solutions use a tiny cell for each carrier. In an active system, the signal is carried through fiber optic cable and dispersed to several antennas via amplifiers.

Although passive systems are less expensive, they have limits. For instance, they are confined to buildings of a given size and do not provide enough coverage in really big structures. There are also installation and maintenance difficulties.

Active DAS provides benefits over passive DAS, including improved data speed, less interference, and expanded capacity. However, it is far more intricate and needs more power. Its installation might be costly and needs more room for risers and distant units.

If you have a big, heavily trafficked building, it makes sense to investigate an active DAS system. Passive DAS, on the other hand, is a fantastic alternative for smaller structures.

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Creative Construction Set

The Splitter Orchester is a global group of composer-performers. Their work has its origins in the Berlin improvisational music scene. Their unconventional structure and approach to improvisational composition have made them famous. In addition to performance, they also do research and analysis on improvisational approaches.

George Lewis, an AACM member, has headed the ensemble, which has collaborated with several composers. Additionally, they have played at the Berlin Splitter Music Festival. The group will release two new albums in 2018. The first is with Felix Kubin, while the second is with George Lewis. These tracks are known as the Creative Construction Set.

The music of the trio varies in genre and tone. On the CD, Simon James Phillips, Axel Dorner, and Burkhard Beins accompany Lewis' percussion, trombone, and electronics.

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