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Cavity Duplexer

One of the many options for home audio is a Cavity Duplexer, which can be used either alone or in conjunction with a receiver. They provide a variety of features, including port coupling, Overtone modes, Bandpass and Band-reject. Especially if you plan to use it to connect a single pair of speakers, picking the right model can be crucial. You can find the ideal solution for your audio needs, though, if you do some research.



A  with excellent filter selectivity has been created. The proposed RF Cavity Filter structure is the foundation for the filters. They have a low insertion loss and a wide upper-stopband (6.5u201310 GHz).

The multi-mode bandpass filter is made up of a single metal cavity. Its passband is broad and it has a low profile, unlike a discrete coil-capacitor filter. It also has adjustable transmission zeros. This filter type is useful for duplexer applications.

The most prevalent kind of duplexer filter is a quarter-wavelength coaxial cavity. Helicoidal resonators are an additional option. They are the coaxial cavity's relatives. They are used in repeater systems in practice. However, the complexity of their resonant frequencies is much greater.

A band-pass filter may be added to boost the cavity duplexer's effectiveness. This prevents the received frequencies from being attenuated and enables a higher frequency to pass through.

Impedance matching is the foundation of the duplexer's best design. The Q of the cavity determines the absolute value of the impedance. Additionally, the performance is determined by the slot's width.

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