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90 Degree Hybrid Coupler

A common option for power distribution networks is the 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler. Between the input and output ports, it provides isolation. You can now separate the phase shift between the two ports as a result. Additionally, there is less of a power level difference between the two ports.


Isolation between input and output ports

An electronic device that divides an input signal into two output signals is known as a 90 degree hybrid coupler. It makes use of four ports in this process. Two of these ports are used as output ports, and one is used as an input port.

The electrical symmetry of this device's design ensures a high level of isolation. It is frequently used in circuits that call for evenly distributed power. These consist of signal distribution systems, tower top amplifiers, and BTS receivers.

High power signals are split using Hybrid Coupler. Additionally, they can be utilized to combine two antennas. This device offers exceptional receiver isolation with a minimal group delay.

The three types of hybrid couplers are as follows. A quadrature coupler, also referred to as a 90 degree hybrid coupler, divides power into two equal input and output signals. A dual-mode 90 degree hybrid coupler is another type.

Two identical PIN diodes are connected to the output port in this kind of coupler. A bias circuit is also connected to them. The two signals are phase-shifted by 90 degrees as a result.

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