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8 way divider

Incorporating a divider into your power supply is an excellent method for controlling the quantity of power that is distributed to each individual component in your system. If you have a 8 way divider, it will be simple for you to keep track of the power levels and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you get the highest possible level of performance.


Resistive vs reactive type

There are many different kinds of power dividers, but the resistive and reactive kinds are the two that are used most frequently. Both types are intended to divide RF signals, spread them out, and reduce the amount of signal that is lost.

The resistive divider is the type of power divider that is both the simplest and least complicated. It is constructed by inserting resistors between the various output ports. By operating in this manner, it is possible to preserve the desired impedance of the system.

The reactive type of power divider does not contain a resistor on the interior of the device. Instead, there is a high impedance present in the input transformer. This enables an extremely broad operating bandwidth to be available. In addition to that, its amplitude and phase tracking are both very good. Nevertheless, the input power is restricted by the input transformer. In addition to this, it is not lossless, so the amplitude unbalance of the output will be 1.6 decibels at high frequencies. This is because it does not preserve the original signal.

The reactive divider is not only compact and easy to use, but it also performs exceptionally well. In addition to having a low insertion loss and VSWR, it is capable of managing high levels of RF Combiner power. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for fanning in RF signals. Additionally, it has a very rugged appearance.

A high impedance can be found in the input transformer of the reactive divider. In addition to this, there is some degree of loss, which results in an increase in the amount of insertion loss. The insertion loss caused by the reactive divider can reach up to 2.2 decibels higher as the frequency rises.

The outputs of the reactive power divider have a value of 50 ohms. The transmission line that makes up the reactive power divider is a quarter-wave one. Either it can be made coaxially with an air dielectric or it can be fabricated in a waveguide. Both of these methods are possible.

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