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6dB Tapper

A great approach to increase the output of your RF mixers is to use a 6dB Tapper. It will enable you to produce sounds of a greater caliber than you could with a conventional mixer. This makes it ideal for broadcast applications, such as the creation of music or audio.



Multi-band dispersed antenna systems are the perfect fit for RFS TPS* rf tapper, which is designed to give outstanding performance with little RF reflection. In order to minimize reflections, it couples off 3 to 30 dB of RF signal and offers low level network interferences. These items serve a wide range of wireless applications and operate in the 694u20133800 MHz frequency range. Use of RFS TPS* Tapper with RADIAFLEX radiating cables is recommended. Additionally, it has a PIM-optimized design to minimize reflections.

The Westinghouse Defense and Electronic Division manufactures the TPS-43 portable 3D air search radar. It is employed for tactical control, early warning, and surface-to-air missile battery management. It was first released in 1966 and has since undergone a number of changes. It may be transported by air easily on two pallets.

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