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6dB Power Tapper

Any proprietor of a commercial establishment who is tasked with supplying power to a wide variety of electronic equipment would be wise to invest in a 6dB Power Tapper. There are a lot of positive aspects that come along with having this kind of goods. For instance, it can make it possible for you to add extra power to your existing network, supply power to a new device, or provide an other source of power in case the primary source fails.



Microlab's DN-x4FE Series of RF Low PIM Power Tappers have a novel asymmetric design that minimizes loss and reflections over critical wireless bands. This design was developed to maximize signal performance and is part of the company's RF Tapper product line. Wideband distributed antenna systems make excellent use of their power range, which extends from 350 MHz all the way up to 5,850 MHz. They are lightweight, low-cost, and deliver a high power output. Their Wideband Power Tapper design incorporates an air dielectric, and there are minimal solder joints. All signal taps provided by Microlab are guaranteed to have a low PIM (passive intermodulation). Because of this, the possibility of distortion, which can cause performance issues in a system, is reduced. Because of this, they are able to offer improved coverage and capacity, as well as optimize the functioning of the network.

The Microlab DN-x4FN Series is an excellent choice for a broad variety of applications, such as "daisy chain" antennas, multi-band equal splitters, and many more. These antennas have a power range that extends from 350 MHz to 5.93 GHz, an insertion loss of 0.1 dB, a coupling gain of 10 dB, and an average power output of 500 W. The frequency range that they cover is measured in GHz.

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