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6dB Directional Coupler

Utilizing a 6dB Directional Coupler can be an excellent approach to enhance the performance of your radio. There are numerous solutions available nowadays. Included among these are Fairview Microwave, Pulsar, Pasternack, BroadWave, and Werbel Microwave. Each of these items has advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to select the one that best meets your demands.



Generally speaking, a directional coupler is an intriguing and useful sort of signal processing equipment. There are a few variants, but RF system enthusiasts may be familiar with this gadget. You may not be as familiar with this device as you are with high-end video games or the most recent devices from your local electronics retailer. A directional coupler can be used for signal processing, measurement, and control, among other purposes. There are not many directional coupler manufacturers available. Mini-Circuits, Amphenol DAS, and Pulsar Microwave are among of the industry's leading brands.

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Whether you intend to construct a prototype for 5G telecommunications, point-to-point radios, or satellite communication systems, Pasternack provides a high frequency RF coupler that will meet your requirements. These items are in stock and available for shipment today. They are designed to provide superior RF performance in a compact package. In addition, they are ideal for proof-of-concept testing.

The Pasternack PE2215-6 is one of the more than 40,000 RF components in stock. It features a coupling value of 6dB, measures 3.35 x 0.67 x 4.34 inches, and is equipped with SMA female connectors. Also in stock are the company's other RF components, so you may have what you need when you need it.


The SC0627106 has an excellent coupling and insertion loss performance of only 1.2 dB, which is a blessing. This directional coupler is suitable for a wide range of applications, from the simplest point-to-point transmission lines to the most complex multi-antenna systems. This directional 6dB SMA coupler is perfect for CATV MATV and SMATV distribution systems, among other applications.

The 6dB SMA coupler is also available in a variety of variants to accommodate your specific requirements. This directional 6dB SMA coupler has SMA ports and is available for same-day shipping throughout the United States and internationally.

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