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6 way power divider

Regardless of the brand you decide on, you need to get a power divider that is dependable, long-lasting, and capable of handling the power demands of your amplifier. To find a power divider that will work for you, it is best to read a few reviews of the items you are thinking about buying.


Resistive power divider

Broadband Resistive Power Dividers from HYPERLABS are offered with amplitude symmetrical power division and a selection of connector arrangements. The power handling specifications of 112 Gbps PAM4 communications systems can be met by them. The input impedance of these dividers is 50 ohms. They come in two, three, four, and six way arrangements.

One of the simplest devices on the RF passive component market are resistive power dividers. They are produced in a small housing and are great for little jobs. Both network analyzers and measurement systems employ them. From DC to mm wavelength frequencies, they perform well. Additionally, they are suitable for broadband performance and have large operating bandwidths.

High insertion loss is a property of resistive power dividers as well as Power Combiner. They have a low VSWR as well. They are perfect for broadband applications because of their small size. They do not, however, offer port to port isolation.

There is little isolation between the outputs and a high insertion loss in a typical T-junction power divider. A reactive power divider, on the other hand, has a low insertion loss and significantly increases isolation between the outputs.

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