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6 way divider

The 4 way dividerr dividers are available to meet your needs whether you need to combine or divide a signal in a multi-channel system. They are perfect for driving antenna arrays or systems with large bandwidth. They can be used with connectors that are SMA, TNC, or BNC. These dividers have a high degree of isolation and provide good phase and amplitude balance. When used as combiners, some models can handle up to 3 Watts.


4 way dividers

In applications where the power must be distributed equally among each port, some power dividers are also useful as power combiners. They can manage up to 20 Watts as splitters, though, and they work well in that capacity. The rf power divider are additionally offered in a wide frequency range, ranging from 500 MHz to 18,000 MHz.

There are several types of four-way power dividers, including resistive, DC-passing, and Wilkinson. These gadgets come in a range of sizes as well. While some dividers can be installed as an enclosure, others are only available in small packages. Broadband power dividers, which are available in addition to these designs and are small in size and perfect for systems needing wide bandwidth, are another option. They are made for indoor use and have low insertion loss.

Reactive power dividers are another option and are excellent for powering antenna arrays. They come in two-, three-, and four-way configurations and have a 200W continuous rating and a 3KW peak rating. It is not intended to use these dividers as high-power combiners. For driving microwave applications, they work best. These dividers are also available with SMA, TNC, or BNC connections. Additionally, they come in unique designs. You can use them as communications power dividers because they also come in N connector style.

Consider Rockler's Lock-Align Drawer Organizer system if you're looking for an easy way to store and arrange your dividers. There are locking drawers and detachable dividers as well as a wide tray section and a standard-size tray section.

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