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5W Dummy Load

It can be very beneficial to test and calibrate your RF devices using a 5W Dummy Load. These gadgets are made to release RF energy without emitting electromagnetic radiation. Radios can be tested or repaired using them.


Terminators dissipate RF energy without radiating electromagnetically

Attenuators can be a helpful component whether you're designing a high power RF/microwave system or just want to lower the power passing through your device. There are numerous types and models to pick from, and they come in a number of different form factors.

The market offers a wide range of high power RF/microwave attenuators, from small waveguide parts to big flange mounted types that come into contact with a heat sink. They come in a variety of wattage ratings and are typically enclosed in high emissivity materials.

Despite the fact that no technology or material has an ideal thermal radiator efficiency, advancements in materials have made smaller, more potent models of these devices possible. The chip resistors on alumina substrates, which can be used at power levels greater than 100W Termination, are among them.

In addition to chip resistors, alumina diodes, tin-doped silicon transistors, and n-channel MOSFETs, there are numerous other high power RF/microwave attenuator devices that are readily available as passive and active parts. These goods are offered in a range of form factors, such as coaxial packages, tiny chips, and waveguide terminations.

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