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500W Dummy Load

Choosing the appropriate 500W Dummy Load for your amplifier is a critical decision. It will ensure that your amplifier runs efficiently and consistently. If you choose a device with too much power, the amplifier may malfunction. There are, however, techniques to keep your amplifier from overheating.


Ameritron's ADL-1500

Ameritron's ADL-1500 is an appropriate dummy load for testing your equipment, whether you are a home brewer, a professional, or a hobbyist. It is intended for high-power applications and contains premium transformer oil. This dummy load has a low SWR (lowest-swamped-output), making it ideal for tuning amplifiers and transmitters.

The Ameritron ADL-1500 includes a 50 Ohm resistor, a long-lasting gallon container, and high-quality transformer oil. It also has a small panel that displays a power vs. time chart, which is not only amazing but also indicates that the producer is serious about its passive products.

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Palstar's DL1500

The Palstar DL1500 500W Dummy Load is an excellent basic dummy load that can be used for everything from digital to amateur radio, and it's air-cooled to boot. It can also handle 100W Dummy Load of barefoot power for up to 10 seconds and can operate at frequencies of up to 500 MHz. As a result, it is a suitable dummy load for ham radio operators who do not require anything greater. Its sleek aluminum housing makes it easy to transport, and it's meant to operate at temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Ameritron's DL2K

Fortunately, if you're looking for a new dry dummy load for your tower, Ameritron's DL2K won't require you to trade performance for affordability. It can handle 500W of power in a single minute and is thermostatically managed to keep the machine cool if the fake load must be operated continually. This unit is a worthwhile upgrade over the standard dummy load, and it will allow you to spend more time tweaking your amplifier.

If the new DL2remarkable K's capabilities don't convince you, consider the MFJ-948, which has the same peak reading LED meter and a built-in lamp switch.

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