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50 ohm rf load termination

A signal generator and a coaxial cable are connected using a 50 ohm rf load termination. The fact that the coaxial cable and the signal generator have a resistance of 50 Ohm gives rise to the term "50 Ohm." When using this kind of termination, you must make sure the signal generator has access to a source of resistance that can match the terminating device's impedance.


Signal Generator source resistance

It's not unusual to use a circuit with a 50 Ohm Rf load as well as 50 ohm rf attenuator. Typically, the coaxial cable used for RF work is impedance matched to 50 Ohms. Some of the more recent signal generation hardware is constructed to handle 50 O and higher.

When choosing a power amplifier, take into account a number of factors. Impedance matching is among the most crucial. This is a reference to the circuit design that joins the signal source and load. The power transfer between the two is meant to be as efficient as possible.

To achieve this, choosing a generator with a low output impedance is one of the best options. Most Class A/B power amplifiers have generators with a 50 O rating.

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