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50 ohm rf load

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best 50 ohm RF load for your project with 50 ohm load termination. You can find what you need here whether you're looking for an Arra dummyload, a Decibel dummyload, or a termaline RF coaxial resistor.


Decibel RF dummyload

Consider using the Decibel RF dummy load if you're looking for a trustworthy dummy load to test your radio transmitter. The three-inch long, 50 ohm or 50 ohm attenuator, anodized gold load has a five kilowatt peak output.

Perfect for VHF/UHF applications is this dummy load. It is made to cause as little interference with other radio services as possible. It has a 245 volt RMS voltage.

You'll need a dummy load to gauge a ham radio circuit's power. The accuracy of your measurements will increase if you substitute a dummy load for an aerial. You should conduct these tests with a telecommunications engineer because this method has the potential to produce errors.

An oscilloscope is required in order to use the dummy load. First, attach the dummy load to the oscilloscope's connector. The probe's trimmer capacitor needs to be adjusted next in order to make it squarewave.

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Termaline RF coaxial resistor

A compact power source for RF applications, the Termaline RF coaxial resistor as well as RF Coaxial Load is made for termination at 51.5 or 50 ohms and continuous operation. It is appropriate for use in the communications sector and is used as a dummy load. These loads are perfectly suited for circuit loading elements in various electronic systems as well as for testing and tuning RF transmitters in nonradiating environments.

These coaxial load resistors have a 50 ohm impedance and a low VSWR, and they are made to operate between DC and 2.5 GHz. A water-based coolant is used to keep them cool. Higher power ratings are also found in the model 8882 and 8883. For this use, a variety of different Termaline models are available. Models 8141 and 8143, for instance, resemble model 8882 but use a slightly different dielectric oil.

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