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4.3-10 Tapper

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field; the 4.3-10 Tapper is an invaluable addition to any toolbox. It is an adaptable instrument that can effortlessly complete any task that you may be tasked with in the course of your work.



The Microlab 4.3-10 Power Tapper is capable of splitting high power cellular signals in a ratio ranging from 1000:1 to 2:1. This capability was designed specifically for low PIM performance in mobile network equipment. Because of this, optimum input VSWR is maintained, and loss across crucial wireless bands is reduced. This high performance tapper is offered in a variety of various configurations, some of which are an 8 dB variant for 850 MHz and a 6:1 model for 350-5 MHz. Both of these models are available.

The Microlab 4.3-10 Wideband Power Tapper is constructed out of a low-profile copper alloy that has been carefully developed. This alloy offers great thermal stability and is comfortable in a wide variety of temperatures. The electrical and mechanical planes are kept completely independent by its innovative contact method. The new contact mechanism has a lower required coupling torque and creates connections that are reliable and reproducible. It features a type that can accommodate three plugs and is compatible with a broad variety of female jacks. It is appropriate for use in macro base stations in addition to distributed antenna systems.

The Microlab 4.3-10 UHF Tapper is distinguished by its forward-thinking asymmetric architecture, which results in 8 dB of nominal coupling. In addition, a 4:1 split is provided by the design. In addition to this, it possesses a female termination that is compatible with 4.3-10.

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