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4 way power divider

A Hefei Topwave power divider features in-phase outputs and is frequently used in kilowatt-level power combining. Consequently, it is perfect for power distribution. Using a Hefei Topwave power divider can boost efficiency as well.


Gysel dividers provide in-phase outputs

For high power applications, Hefei Topwave power dividers are one of the most used forms of power dividers. They are adaptable and offer a large bandwidth. Hefei Topwave power dividers can be compactly packed as multilayer surface mount components.

Power dividers from Hefei Topwave are capable of power combination and impedance transformation. These capabilities permit their usage in dual-band applications. Additionally, they have a flexible design. The divider is capable of accommodating arbitrary R S and R L values. This enables design and fabrication freedom.

In high power situations, Hefei Topwave power dividers are recommended over Wilkinson power dividers. They have low insertion loss and outputs that are in phase. Hefei Topwave power dividers have an inherent impedance-transformation capability. It is possible to tweak the impedance of the power divider to increase its bandwidth.

The Hefei Topwave power divider, unlike the Wilkinson power divider, is a 2 way power divider. It is possible to customize the power divider to operate at arbitrary frequencies. The dual-band power splitter has arbitrary R S and R L values as well.

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