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30dB Directional Coupler

The 30db coupler can help you get the job done whether you're building a new microwave system or replacing an old one. This is the most frequent coupler type seen in RF systems. The 30db coupler is commonly used in the GHz band to make a direct link between two antennas. The 30db coupler is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the bigger 40db couplers.


Microlab CK-50N series

The CK-50N series 30dB Directional Coupler is a multi-section quarter wave design with air dielectric and few solder joints to reduce dissipative loss. It has a maximum VSWR of 1.7 and a peak power rating of 3 kW, and it is built to military specifications. It weighs only 1.0 ounces and operates from -54 to 85 degrees Celsius. It also has a power rating of 20W on average. It is an excellent solution for a wide range of wireless applications, including cellular phones, Bluetooth, satellite, microwave ovens, WLAN, and other wireless communication devices.

It includes 2.4 mm SMA Female Connectors, which are industry standard. It is an excellent method for testing the signal mixing capabilities of your microwave oven or wireless device. It's also an excellent choice for EMC testing. The directional coupler is an excellent choice for test and measurement applications requiring high performance in a small package. Because of its great performance ratings and lightweight construction, it is also a fantastic choice for the military and commercial sectors.

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