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30 db rf attenuator

If you are interested in finding a 30 db rf attenuator, there are a number of different options to consider.


coaxial inline 30dB

A coaxial inline 30dB fixed rf attenuator has an N-type male connector, and on the other, it has an N-type female connector. It can work anywhere from DC to 6GHz. This rf attenuator's programmable step attenuator, which lets you measure up to 26.5 GHz, is one of its coolest features. It also has small thin-film attenuation cards made of high-stability tantalum nitride film, and each section can switch on and off more than five million times. This RF attenuator works well and lasts a long time for a reasonable price. With its many features, it lets the user do a wide range of RF tests, such as frequency hopping, phase measurement and analysis, linewidth and amplitude measurements, and more. Because of what it can do, the product is also a great fit for the 5G/6G communications market, where low phase noise is a must.

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