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30 db directional coupler

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a directional coupler for your application. Applications that call for a high-quality directional coupler should use the single directional couplers from the Pulsar Microwave CS30 series. These couplers come in 30 Db such as 30db coupler and 50 Db models and can be used in microstrip or stripline configurations.


Microstrip directional couplers

Various microwave devices can be used with microstrip directional couplers as well as microstrip splitter. These couplers have a number of benefits over the traditional directional coupler with lumped elements. For instance, they are repeatable, have low insertion loss, and have wide bandwidth. They have a low coupling level and are lightweight.

Capacitive compensation is employed in microstrip couplers to increase directivity. By gap coupling an open stub in the sub-coupled line, this compensation is made possible. Thus, on the stripline structure, even-mode phase velocities are equal.

A microstrip coupler's directivity is dependent on the loading conditions. The structure, however, can be made to be insensitive to loading. In order to account for losses, bend angles and aC2 can be optimized to increase thC.

The design and simulation of a three-line microstrip directional coupler has been completed. Performance is enhanced by the multiple layers. Additionally, it lengthens the minimum arcing gap between coupled lines.

The directional coupler can also be used in high power applications. It has specifically been put through testing for uses like magnetic resonance imaging.

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