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3 port directional coupler

If you're seeking for a way to convey data to a receiver or other device, a 3 port directional coupler

can be incredibly useful. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a unit.



directional coupler is often a power-combining device with a primary waveguide and a secondary waveguide. In microwave imaging and communication systems, directional couplers are beneficial. It is also applicable in RF testing situations. In the latter situation, a coupler may be employed as part of an RF system or as part of a power measuring equipment.

Directional coupler applications include monitoring VSWR and power flow. A coupler can also be utilized in single mode fibre-based electrooptical transmission systems. The majority of directional couplers are constructed from two transmission lines linked together. The input is the primary waveguide and the output is the secondary waveguide.

The primary waveguide is parallelized. In this case, it is an 8mm-diameter rectangular waveguide. The waveguide has a refractive index of l = 1.55 mm. The formula for calculating the length of the waveguide is Lp = l x a5. The parameters of the coupler were determined by solving its eigenvalue equation.

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