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100W Dummy Load

It is possible to acquire a good idea of how the antenna behaves when used in conjunction with an antenna that has a higher gain by employing the use of a Dummy load 100w. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of how it acts in a variety of conditions in order to be able to make an accurate prediction of how your antenna will function under different conditions. It is also an excellent method for determining whether the power or frequency has to be altered in order to get the desired level of performance.


MFJ 264

The 264 100W Dry Dummy Load from MFJ is neither the largest or most expensive of its kind, but it is without question the most adaptable. The product has dimensions of slightly more than 3 inches in width and 3 inches in height, and it comes with a limited warranty for the first year. Amateurs who need a sma dummy load for off-air transmitter modifications or in-house testing will find that this product is an excellent alternative to consider.

The MFJ 264 is an efficient piece of equipment, with the most vital components being housed on a single piece of aluminum plate. In addition to that, it has a tamper-proof connector that is a miniature version of the SO-239 standard. A connection to a BNC adapter is also possible, which is an added feature offered by the gadget. In addition, there is a concise handbook that can be of some value included with the product. In terms of a fake load, you will want to handle this one with extreme caution.

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